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The Golf Swing by Maharvelous

This page will start my opinion of the basics to build a solid, repeatable golf swing.  I will share with you the steps and sequence of events that take place in the golf swing.  Although as you are looking at this, there is much left unwritten, it is because I will be adding thoughts over time to complete this part of our website.   So let's get started.

It is important for me that you understand my swing philosophy.  It is built around the creation of centrifugal force while maintaining a fluid rhythm, and maintaining good balance.  So that starts the foundation: (Oh yeah, that is me to the
right, hitting balls in 1979 at Bay Hill. Brian Roddy watching)

1.  All swings must start with and maintain these 3 things:

  • Rhythm
  • Centerdness                                                                     
  • Balance

I also believe there to be six "places" in the golf swing.

1.  The Set Up
2.  Top of the backswing
3.  Start down or "transition"
4.  Impact
5.  Follow through
6.  Finish

What will follow will be a complete description of each of these places so you can then put together a full image of what takes place in the golf swing, and begin to work on these on your own.

Keep checking back for the rest of "the swing" to be completed.