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Saturday Skins

Introducing the   “Saturday Progressive Skins Game” at
Sandy Creek Golf Course

Sandy Creek wants to offer you a regular Saturday game you can look forward to every weekend.
Our plan is to have a weekly “skins” game, with 18 holes being played every Saturday.  This game will be open to anyone.
Sandy Creek will kick start the weekly contest by putting $500 in the “skins pot” .  Then each Saturday, the pot will grow based on the number of players each week.
The details of the Game are:
1.  Each Saturday will be a skins contest.  (1 lowest score on any hole)
2.  The pot total to start the day will be divided by 18, and that will determine how much each skin is worth.  (example:  pot is $640   divided by 18, each skin is worth $35)  If 3 skins are won, $105 will be paid out, and the pot will have a balance of $535.  New money will be added to that pot to start the next week. The pot will grow weekly. 
3.  There will be a “final event” of the season, and then entire balance will be paid out to the field.  Players must have played in a certain amount of events to be eligible for the final event, or pay the difference to “catch up” to be eligible.
4. Weekly format will be established each Saturday based on #of players and strength of field. (example;  scramble, shamble, individual)
5.  Sandy Creek Golf  Course will contribute $500 for the first event to get the pot started.  Weekly skins entry fees will be added to that.
Initial play date will be April 5, 2014. Normal starting time will be 9:00,
Sandy Creek G.C. will handle the weekly details, and will keep and provide weekly reports of money collected, paid out, and balances.

Make your plans to join in something fun on Saturday mornings!  Let’s make this a huge success.