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Sandy Creek is offering a 3 year membership at this time. 

Memberships  -  You Choose

Why You want Your Golf Membership to be at Sandy Creek in 2017

Playing golf should be fun.  Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned tournament player it should always be fun.  So if you are thinking about a golf membership, you should think of Sandy Creek first--the course where having fun is our No. 1 priority.

From the time you arrive until you head for home, we want you to have fun with us and your friends.  If you are like most golfers, you want to enjoy a playable and fun course at a quick pace of play; you want to get a warm welcome from the staff; and you expect to get great value for your money.  You also want to be part of a friendly course where you can meet other golfers and join new foursomes. Buying an annual membership with our course is one of the keys to that.

This is a conveniently located golf club that attracts players from throughout the Tri-State area; our location is second to none. We are only minutes from downtown Ashland and just a short drive from Huntington, W. Va., or southern Ohio. I-64 is only four miles to the south of us as well.

Membership Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that make membership at Sandy Creek a real value:

LOCKED IN PRICES: As our economy seems to be doing things we don't like, and basic costs of doing business are rising, this is a great way to fix your cost of playing golf.  With no more fees to pay when you play, you can guarantee your green fees.  And certainly, the more you play, the lower price each round of golf equates to. This is a great reason to take advantage of an annual price program.

PLAY MORE GOLF:  It is a proven fact to us by now, paying for the entire next year frees you up to play more golf.  Your lifestyle will change to accommodate more time on the course.  Because you don't have to "come out of your pocket" to play, YOU WILL play more throughout the year.  How much more is up to you.  Remember, there is no limit!

FAMILY RECREATION: Golf at Sandy Creek is a great sport for the entire family to enjoy. It is a way to experience real togetherness and a place where you can help your children develop a passion for the game that you love so well.

RELAXATION: You probably already know that a round of golf is a great escape from pressure and tension.  All you can think about is that little white ball and getting it to the right spot.  As your stress melts away, you feel healthier and more relaxed.  The more you play, the better you feel.  Membership at Sandy Creek makes for endless golfing opportunities and unlimited relaxation.

NEW FRIENDS AND A BETTER SOCIAL LIFE: We guarantee that you will make more friends with a Sandy Creek membership.  You will be signing up to play in our weekday groups; you will be checking the schedule of member tournaments and playing in as many as you can.  You will be dropping by to pair up with twosomes and threesomes whenever you feel like it.  We will help you do all that.

EXERCISE: Exercise is something your body craves and golf is truly one way to satisfy that need.  It is interesting and fun; the money that you are spending on a health club can be better spent at golf.  Sandy Creek is also one of the easiest courses in the area for walking, you can walk your way to better health.

IMPROVE YOUR GAME: Everybody knows the best way to get better at golf is to play lots of golf.  Membership at Sandy Creek offers you opportunities to play more often at great savings as well.

LOTS OF BUSINESS CONTACTS: Use your membership to entertain customers, vendors or develop more business.  Wouldn't you prefer to make a sale between golf shots than between phone calls?  You can use a golf membership at Sandy Creek as a way to grow your business or reward loyal employees.

E-NEWSLETTER: Once you join Sandy Creek, you will have our monthly newsletter e-mailed to you.  It is packed with tips on your game, articles and humor.

GREAT VALUES AT GREAT PRICES: We have a variety of plans available, and one of them will suit you and your family.  We estimate that the average member at our club plays about 87 rounds a year.  If that player was to pay regular green fees, they would average about $20 a round.  That amounts to $1,740 a year.  Check out our prices and you will find that regular players really need memberships.

Join today and start enjoying your membership savings immediately.  .

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