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Sandy Creek Junior Golf Association

If you are looking for a really great deal for your promising junior golfer, we have just what you need.  We believe that in order for junior golfers to keep playing golf is to become good enough to enjoy the game longer.  In order to reach a certain skill level, they have to play quite a bit.  And of course the concern then becomes well how much can we afford to pay to play that much?

Here, the answer is very simple.  $55.00 for the summer months.  That's all.  Our Junior Golf Association is not about making money from the junior golfers, it is about making it easy for mom's and dad's to give their child a place to play every day during the summer.  With that kind of chance, a young golfer can work hard on the game and get ready for high school golf, and who knows, perhaps land a college scholarship someday.

The Sandy Creek Junior Golf Association is available from June 1st to the last day of August.  We aim this time frame for when the kids are out of school and take full advantage of it.

Junior Golf Association Details:

  • open to any junior golfer under 18 AND still enrolled in high school
  • can play during the week after 10:00  (weekends and holidays after 3:00)
  • does not include riding cart at any time - juniors pay $5.00 to ride 9 with parent, and $10 for 18 holes
  • Pricing membership is for period from June 1 to August 31, 2013.

One terrific addition to the junior scene was the introduction of the Eastern Kentucky Junior Golf Association. This is a series of tournaments for kids in the Eastern Ky. area created and operated by Tom Cooksey.  It has been a HUGE success and continues to add players every year. You can get more information about it by visiting on your computer.