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Golf the Maharvelous Way

Another golfing season is winding down. Certainly 2016 has to start off better than '15 did.  The continued cold damp weather shortened the season.

The equipment companies continue to reinvent themselves.  Or should I say "recycle" themselves.  New words, different marketing and "presto"!!  The lastest and greatest of something that was presented earlier in golf club history.  So my first piece of advice, when it comes to the temptation of buying the new stuff, is to make sure it is drastically improved over what you have.  If your gear is really old, then it might be worth it.  If you are using older styles of metal woods, smaller club heads on woods, old versions of forged irons and wedges, then it might be a good move to upgrade.  But to buy new, just to have the latest, probable won't improve your game.  And even more disappointing, your last years version won't bring you what you will hope in a used club market.

But never-the-less, here we are ending one season, waiting for the next.  When I was competing, I always looked forward to the down time to evaluate things.  Especially what I needed to focus on regarding my golf game, and also to use the cooler months to work on fitness.

Each of you alone know what your golf game needs the most.  From becoming a better driver of the ball, iron play, short game, putting course management, ball flighting, swing mechanics and so on.  Certainly there is some aspect of your game that you would love to see improvement with.  If so, use the off season to work on it.  Cooler weather is the best time because you don't have to do it every day, and you don't have to worry about score.  Short game issues can easily be addressed during the chilly weather, and I recommend that over all else.

Fitness!!!   The thing we all want but do little about.  My opinion is that as this improves, so does your golf game.  We don't have to be a body builder to improve the game.  Having good flexibility, low sugar, higher protein, and good cardio work outs will all add to your improved golf game.  The ability to have more "turn" in your swing will help more than other apects.  A better turn will create more of what you need.  So use the off season to improve flexibility!!  I have stressed this before, and i will continue to stress it.

Til next time,

Remember, golf is an easy game!

If you want help with your game from Boyd County's only PGA Professional, please call me at 606-928-6321 or Click Here to request additional information.

    Rich Mahar
    PGA Professional