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Properly Fit - That's the Key! 

We are firm believers that clubs should be fit to your swing.  Coupled with the very high cost of stocking merchandise, and competing with online stores, our preference is to custom fit you, place the order, and have them in your hands inside of a week.

Yes, it is easier to walk into golf shops or stores that have wonderful selections, and I encourage that.  At that point you should use this time to determine which brand you like.  Perhaps go ahead and get a price quoted to you.  But I am certain we can provide you with a better experience by fitting you and then helping you decide on a set make up.  With a few days we can have your custom fit set of clubs in your hands for less than what you can usually buy an off the rack set.

It is discouraging as a golf professional to see people lose interest in the game because the new enthusiasm enjoyed from a new set only lasts a short while.  I have never seen a person with a set of custom fit clubs come back later and say their game has slipped.  Sure, technique and skill help with game improvement.  That is where combining lessons and properly fit clubs blend to make your game a lot more enjoyable.

As for equipment, we really like the Mizuno products.  Why?  Quality. Simple as that. They make the best irons in the business, and I believe for the value, the price is hard to beat also.  They stand behind their product in the event something should go wrong.  And every club they make looks good, and looks are a big part of what you use when buying a new set.

We can get you any major manufacturer you like, and will be happy to do so.  But no matter whose club you like, please give some thought to getting measured for your next set. We can do that here, provide you with your specifications and you can have them to take with you. If you like the price we quote and want us to handle your order, that is even better.  (Usually our fitting process turns into mini-lesson at the same time)

As an added bonus, with any new set of irons ordered, we toss in 2 free rounds of golf!! That is another $50 value. So as you can see, you can turn a fitting and order into $80 worth of free golf and help.

Give us a call today at 606-928-6321 to talk about clubs and fittings, and let us help you start enjoying the game more.